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About Surya Foundation
  What is our purpose?  

Surya Foundation was formed in 2003 with the aim of helping the UK South Asian community to live more successfully with Diabetes. Our commitment is to do this by nurturing greater awareness, knowledge and empowerment within the community.

There are 3 compelling reasons behind why an organisation like Surya Foundation is needed:

1. We need to improve the prevalence trend. The prevalence of Diabetes in the UK South Asian population is up to 6 times higher than the UK Caucasian population. (1,2). There are many factors that drive this higher prevalence (3,4).

Our goal: Surya Foundation will engage the community so that there is a greater understanding of what changes people can make to improve this trend.

2. We need more medical knowledge. The onset of Diabetes and its progression requires further research so that the medical profession can offer more effective treatment options.

Our goal: Surya Foundation will support research that will increase our capability to treat and prevent Diabetes more effectively.

3. We need a more pro-active community. The cultures within the UK South Asian Community often find it difficult to be open about Diabetes. This results in limited absorption and sharing of relevant knowledge.

Our goal: Surya Foundation will collaborate and provide funding for groups that can facilitate the sharing of knowledge to improve the quality of life for people with Diabetes, their carers and their families.

We look forward to serving and supporting the community, together with contributing to the wider Diabetes arena nationally and internationally.

On behalf of the Surya Foundation Committee,

Achala Patel
Surya Foundation Registered Charity No. 1106263

The Committee:

Achala Patel (Chair, trustee)
Hina Amin
(Secretary, trustee)
Namrata Patel
Dr. Natasha H Patel
Sanjay Patel
(Treasurer, trustee until April 2006)
Kokila Radia
(Treasurer, trustee from April 2006)

Please contact us via email at info@suryafoundation.org.uk

The Committee has been supported by a great number of volunteers since its inception in 2003. Our special thanks go to those who have helped us and supported us to evolve Surya Foundation to what it is today.

Special thanks also go to our Advisors, Dr Mayank Shah, Shailesh Amin, Kirpal Marwa and Ramakant S. Anaokar.


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  2. National Service Framework for Diabetes (NSF for Diabetes) | See reference

  3. Hill J.(2006), Management of diabetes in South Asian communities in the UK. Nursing Standard. 20, 25, 57-64 | See reference

  4. Kirpal M. et al. Challenges of managing diabetes in Asians. Journal of Diabetes Nursing, Feb, 2004 | See reference


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