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South Asians at Higher Risk
"1 in 5 (20%) South Asians diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, compared with 3% of the general population in UK." Learn more

Welcome To Surya Foundation

Surya Foundation is a registered UK charity. The purpose of the charity is to increase awareness and knowledge of Diabetes and its successful management within the UK South Asian community.

The UK South Asian population has up to 6 times higher prevalence of Diabetes compared to the UK Caucasian population. Effective lifestyle changes and medical management can help to make major improvements to this unsettling statistic.

Surya Foundation hopes to drive improvements in Diabetes health outcomes through communication of key knowledge to its target audience and by supporting research and education projects either directly or through other voluntary organisations.

Registered Charity No. 1106263.

Surya Foundation Update Dec 2010
  We thought it was high time to make contact with all of our valued supporters and let them know what’s been happening behind the scenes.
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Current Projects
+ Diabetes Awareness Toolkit
+ ADAPT* Project
+ Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults (LADA) Research Project
+ Diabetes ACCESS* Project
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